Educated Voting

Voting is one of the greatest freedoms we have in the United States. As citizens, the power is placed into our hands to elect officials on our behalf. This system is successful, until apathetic voting occurs. Often, voters will become discouraged in the voting process and refuse to cast their opinion. Also, voters will vote based on party, such as republican or democrat, because of culture. This is what I would call an uneducated voter. Uneducated voting is the neglect to inform yourself of candidates’ policies or background. Another definition of uneducated voting is casting a vote because of the sole reason of gender, race, or religion. My advice to citizens is to educate yourself. Being curious is one of the best parts of being in a free society. Be curious about candidates of all positions you will cast a vote for or against. I believe that until you can argue both sides of an issue, you can’t stand for one. 
 Why Democracy requires an educated voter

10 Reasons why college students should vote


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